About us

Much more than a web consultancy

Codegram started in 2009 as a web consultancy, but we’ve grown to become much more than that. From leading self-funded startups like Empresaula to organizing world-famous conferences like Barcelona Ruby Conference, FutureJS or Full Stack Fest, we work hard to keep our craft in shape and closely work with the community and our customers to deliver the best results.

  • First customers
  • First Empresaula MVP
  • First OSS software
  • Move to bigger offices
  • First international project
  • Empresaula ships as beta
  • New website
  • First Barcelona Ruby Conference
  • Empresaula ships to the market
  • Established presence in Berlin
  • New, shiny offices in Barcelona
  • Second Barcelona Ruby Conference
  • Take over the technical leadership in a big-scale, web-based game.
  • First FutureJS
  • Third Barcelona Ruby Conference
  • Empresaula gets a dominant presence in the market
  • New website
  • Bootstrapping Full Stack Fest
  • Our development team grows
  • Full Stack Fest goes truly Full Stack
  • Expand our services with Elixir & Phoenix
  • Move from Berlin to London
  • Key agreement with Empresaula, nearly 300 schools join the network
  • Full Stack Fest solds out
  • New & bigger offices
  • To the future and beyond!

Our values


We love our craft. We never stop learning about the newest tools and paradigms to build better software, faster, while keeping a healthy dose of pragmatism.


We build trust. We deliver often so that you can benefit from actual, constant progress. We are very upfront with any complications as soon as they emerge.


We build durable systems. Never sacrificing code quality, we ensure your project stays in good shape and stands the test of time by making it easy to change.

We turn your dreams into code.

Leveraging solid technology and best industry practices, we iterate on your idea, from its very inception and through its growth.

More details

Meet the amazing team behind it all.

A company is only as good as its people. Every product we’ve built, every international conference we’ve run — made possible by a team with a unique combination of skills and a single common passion: building great things.

Josep Jaume ReyCo-Founder, lead developer
Josep M. "Txus" BachCo-Founder, lead developer
Oriol GualCo-Founder, lead developer
Marc RieraBack-end Developer
Marc DivinsDeveloper & Project Manager
Aitor PorroFront-end Developer
David MorcilloFull-Stack Developer
Georgina CruellsOffice Manager
Arnau BesoraBack-end Developer
Núria SorianoFull-Stack Developer

Our partners

What are we looking for in our partners?

We’re constantly looking for highly specialized partners that share our same values we can work closely with. Our mission is to achieve the best results *and* customer experience.

What kind of partners are we looking for?

In order to offer the best service to our clients, we want to partner with a diverse roster of companies. We’re looking for companies specialized in, but not limited to: graphic design, usability, UX & UI, product/business development, devops & cloud services, mobile app development (iOS and Android) or tech-recruiting agencies.

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We are passionate about building things. Let us fall in love with your dream and bring it to life.

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